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COPPER PLATED ON BOARD EDGE COPPER PLATED ON BOARD EDGE  A long slot along the edge of the board to be plated. COPPER UP TO BOARD EDGE It is called “edge plating” , which is the copper plating that runs…


RIGID-FLEX PCB RIGID-FLEX BOARD Material:FR-4 + Flex PCB Board Thickness:1.0mm Copper Weight:1.0 oz. Surface finished:Immersion Silver



ALUMINUM SINGLE / DOUBLE LAYER BOARD ALUMINUM PCB Material:Aluminum Board Thickness:1.6 mm Surface Finished:ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) Copper weight:1.0 oz.

COVID-19 Happy Hypoxia

COVID-19 Happy Hypoxia Silent killer, it’s no good to get hypoxia!    The term “pulse oximeter” has become increasingly common in our daily life these days, and related products have also all sold out. What exactly is a pulse oximeter?…

Material price escalation thrives PCB industry chain?

Material price escalation thrives PCB industry chain? Prices up as scrambling for copper and materials begins The price of upstream materials of the PCB industry has been escalating over the last year, particularly the copper price, which has surprised people…

What is the “hair” of PCBs?(Hair of PCB)

Time for some trivia. PCBs also have hair like human beings. They are also covered by a villus-like layer just like human beings. Let the us tell you more.(Hair of PCB) As an important part in multilayered PCB manufacturing, lamination…


HDI PCB (HIGH DENSITY INTERCONNECT ) 1 + N + 1 HIGH DENSITY INTERCONNECT PCB Material:FR-4 High Tg Board Thickness:1.6mm Layers:6 Layers Surface Finished:ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) Copper Weight:1.0 oz.

Teflon Ceramics mix FR-4

Teflon Ceramics mix FR-4 TEFLON PCB Material:TACONIC TLY-3-0310 (Teflon)Board Thickness:0.787 mmLayers:2 LayersSurface Finished:ENIG:3μ” / 150μ”(Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) Copper Weight:0.5 oz