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PCB drilling machines cover about 42,708 square feet, with a maximum output capacity of 8,000 Panels per day, approximately 28,000 square feet of substrate.


How to Design High-Density PCBs With Buried and Blind Vias

high density board to board interconnect

It is common for designers to use blind and buried vias to connect the layers of high-density PCBs. Vias are vertical conductive holes that establish connections between the layers of PCBs. These barrel-shaped vertical structures serve useful but distinct purposes.…

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Select the Right Microvia Aspect Ratio in Your HDI PCB

hdi pcb manufacturer

The use of microvia technology has contributed to the miniaturization of PCBs and allowed engineers to become more creative with their designs. The world of integrated circuits would not be possible without the use of microvias. In fact, the reliability…

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Factors that affect PCB Fabrication Cost

pcb fabrication cost

When it comes to PCB fabrication, there are a wide variety of factors that affect its PCB fabrication cost. Right from the size of the PCB to its layer count, these factors have a strong bearing on the cost that…

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High Speed PCB Materials of Megtron 6 vs EM-888

high speed pcb manufacturing

The development of high-speed signal transmission and switching circuits used in the new generation of computers, communications, and storage devices has been the main highlight of electronics technology during the latter half of this century. This remarkable progress can be…

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PCB Fabrication Drawing – Technotronix

pcb fabrication drawing

A PCB fabrication drawing is an extremely important file that contains the manufacturing details of the circuit board. The more diligently the PCB fabrication drawing is created, the better the chances of the circuit board matching your exact requirements. A…

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How to Reduce Rigid Flex PCB Costs

reduce rigid flex pcb cost

Rigid flex printed circuit boards (PCBs) are highly versatile circuit boards that incorporate aspects of both hardboard and flexible circuits. They are typically composed of multiple layers of rigid circuit boards with layers of flexible circuitry buried within the hard…

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All About ELIC for HDI PCBs

flow of manufacturing processes in surface mounting technology 1

Rush PCB Inc makes multilayer printed circuit boards containing many layers. With increasing demand for greater number of layers in PCBs, each layer is becoming thinner than ever before. We recommend PCB designers to use ELIC or Every Layer Interconnect…

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How to reduce HDI PCB cost

High Density Interconnect pcb

At some level of circuit complexity, turning to an HDI architecture with blind and buried vias will result in better yield and lower cost than would a through-hole design. In this article, we discuss several design examples and illustrate the…

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ELIC PCB and HDI Multilayer Designing

staggered vias pcb

The world of electronics is getting increasingly complicated with new features and functionalities being introduced nearly every day. At the same time, electronic devices are getting smaller as manufacturers pursue miniature technologies. This brings us to ELIC in HDI PCB…

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