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HDI PCB (HIGH DENSITY INTERCONNECT ) 1 + N + 1 HIGH DENSITY INTERCONNECT PCB Material:FR-4 High Tg Board Thickness:1.6mm Layers:6 Layers Surface Finished:ENIG (Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold) Copper Weight:1.0 oz.


AT&S Explainer Movie – Flex

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AT&S flex PCBs are thinner and lighter than rigid PCBs and enable miniaturization by using space in all three dimensions. source #ATS #Explainer #Movie #Flex

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LG Split AC Dead PCB Repairing

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how to repair LG Split AC PCB how to check components and track how to check voltage WhatsApp +919583946078 any … source #Split #Dead #PCB #Repairing

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