As the term paneling (layout) suggests, PCB paneling refers to forming one or more single PCBs into one panel.

Purpose of paneling

1. The original single PCB is too small for sorting or picking after NC-routing or assembly (PCBA).

2. Paneling can reduce testing expenses and time to enhance efficiency.

3. A single PCB is too small or there is no fiducial mark on the single PCB with SMT demand.

4. There is no fixing pin for CNC routing on the single PCB, additional break-away and drilling extra pin holes are required, and the installation of a fiduciary mark is required.

5. Enhance SMT efficiency. Based on the speed of the present SMT machine, the required time (seconds) for each round is similar. Therefore, the SMT availability after paneling is higher.

6. Additional break-away for PCBA transportation.

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