Perf and PCB Effects Layouts: Not A Muff

Happy Fuzz Friday, all! Recently I got a request for the new EQD Hizumitas. Found a schematic for it over on FSB and it’s just a BMP. The values are tweaked, but the topology is the exact same as a standard Muff. If you’ve hung around here for really any length of time you know how many times I’ve laid out the BMP. There are so many clones out there dating back to the early 70s, most of which I haven’t really explored here on the blog. So using Kit Rae’s fantastic Big Muff site, I put together a BOM of 6 versions of non-muffs, including the Hizumitas and the Elk Sustainar the Hizumitas is derived from. So for your building and experimenting pleasure, here’s the Not A Muff. (BOM, schematic and drilling templates linked below)

AVvXsEhY6hQZufe8xAT3lrIdCTfCKHKIJS7UYkClmN7Zseip0wgKZ4PjuCPswJDcOVgSXLoHz8puoV 9gJcSiRg8 DMLio5CtEGinQVkQeal2mj5 0MVO7JOopTRyE6L1l17pkExY500hH1 52FWrdsRfIHk7ZI7 BG1vpceEF a69LCVwj3L1NcHtPFnwwWiA=w640 h628

Also, if you’re interested in how I laid out this board, I did a livestream over on YouTube. I’ve been trying to do a couple streams a month of just chilling and doing some layout work in Eagle. So go and sub and all that nonsense.

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