The element of survival –  Ventilator

The element of survival –  Ventilator
A ventilator that a critically ill patient can’t be without.

Year 2020 is a special year that everyone hopes to get over soonest because of COVID-19 pandemic. Due to city and factory locked down, the international supplying chain disconnection started from China in early 2020. Almost all industries are being affected since China is the world factory for decades.

While epidemic slowdown in China, USA and Europe broke out more serious pandemic in 2020 Q1. The burst patient number gave heavy burden to medical system, thus the demand to respiratory-related medical equipment also significantly increased. Taiwan recognized as a good manufacturing country, grabbed business opportunity because of good control in COVID-19 spreading and became the first choice of medical equipment supplying.

Ventilator is one of the most important elements in COVID-19 curing. It is obvious that ventilator will be in severe shortage while patients increase continuously, PCB stable supplying is a key factor to ventilator production. Cheer Time is committed to flexible production and fast delivery for over 30 years, there are many rush medical equipment orders for ventilation system and ventilator control board sent to Cheer Time and asked for quick delivery in this period time, and Cheer Time has successfully delivered thousands of PCB to our partner to fulfill their ventilator and related equipment production. 

Besides fast delivery, stable quality control is uncompromising factor in medical equipment supplying chain. Cheer Time obtained partner trust because we always assure our PCB in consistent quality and short delivery lead-time. Taiwan not only has world-class semi-conductor industry, we also possess a quick and reliable infrastructure to support worldwide manufacturing service. Taiwan is ready to contribute in fighting with the epidemic.  

  Generally 1.6mm plate thickness, 0.25mm hole diameter, High Tg and ENIG. There is nothing special about these specifications. It is only known that these products will be used in respirators for severe oxygen supply. Therefore, we must comply with the highest Class 3 of the IPC specification.

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Cross section of the hole wall
In order to ensure the stability of the product during operation, the thickness of the hole copper must meet the highest IPC requirements.
Fig 1. The cross section is on component hole, and the hole wall is quite flat and perfect.
Fig 2. The measured copper of the hole wall is 1.2 – 1.246 mil, which meets the IPC Class 3 specification.
Fig 3. Via hole, 0.25 mm diameter drilled straight, and the overall quality is perfect.
Fig 4. Via hole, 1.2 mil copper thickness also meets IPC Class 3 specifications.
Fig 5. When the specification is ENIG (Gold 3μ” / Nickel 150μ”), the inspection data fully meets the standard.

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