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First NFT in the PCB Industry

Cheer Time X NTHU Racing Factory NFT collection on July 1st !

Since 2015, the NTHU Racing Factory (a National Tsing Hua University Student Organization) established a Formula Student racing team to independently develop racing cars. The team members are all students with no abundant resources. In addition to persuade academic progress, they also strive hard to raise research and development funds transportation funds for international competitions. To achieve this, they have to rely on many industrial and commercial organizations for technical, financial and product support and funding.

Cheer Time not only has the advantages in flexible manufacturing, but also has professional certification for the production of automotive PCBs – IATF 16949. With the eagerness to cultivate Taiwanese talents, Cheer Time continues to provide the the NTHU Racing Factory PCB boards to manage the battery module in the electric racing car. The battery module, which is the heart of the entire electric vehicle that is crucial to power management efficiency.

cheer time NFT II
Picture1. Cheer Time X NTHU Racing Factory NFT

Cheer Time X the NTHU Racing Factory
  Year 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Cheer Time, it is also the first time the NTHU Racing Factory compete in European Formula Student Racing. This year, we are using an innovative fundraising method to raise funds for the them. Funds will be raised through the sale of of NFTs and we’re inviting everyone to sponsor these students!

European “German Formula Student” is currently the highest-level regional competition in Formula Student racing. Traveling to Europe requires long travel time with high cost. Even if the NTHU Racing Factory has passed Formula Student Germany in the German division, the Netherlands division, and the Croatian Division of Formula Student Alpe Adria qualification, it is difficult for the racing cars and equipment to arrive at the arena no matter what kind of transportation. Without sufficient resources, the students are only able to attend the competition in the German division. The journey to success is long and arduous; however, the NTHU Racing Factory with the sixth generation of cars (TH06) will ride the wind and waves to expedition to Europe with the spirit of never giving up!

In collaboration between Cheer Time and the NTHU Racing Factory, the Cheer Time mascot — Titan (A-Ti) will introduce a series of 2022 limited NFT collection on July 1st, 2022. If you are willing to support our students with a digital certification honoring your sponsorship, please assist them to strive for a glorious presence for themselves and Taiwan in the world.

Cheer Time X NTHU Racing Factory NFT


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